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The Auvergne Village restaurant in Orcines (Puy-de-Dôme) has reopened

Christophe, a resident of Orcines who has worked in restaurants in Paris for a long time, was regularly surprised when he passed the restaurant in the Auvergne Village, which was desperately closed. “I am in the business and this place seemed ideal to me. Seeing him unoccupied appealed to me”. The meeting with the owner was decisive: two months ago, he took over the establishment with his son in the kitchen who imagined a menu that was necessarily Auvergne: charcuterie, truffade, Saint-Nectaire fondue, Arctic char with shallot sauce… local products, with homemade desserts”.

Lunch break in the Lecoq garden

An affordable menu, with menus at €17, €20 and €27 and the choice of eating on the terrace, in the large downstairs room or in the upstairs room with its breathtaking view of the volcano.
Contact. 92 Puy de Dôme road in Orcines. Phone:

Arnaud Vernet

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