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the cat approaches and 1.4M people are charmed (video)


They come home with something special

Nylah is the mistress of the cat Moose. She posted a video of her cat on TikTok which has been viewed 1.4 million times with 129,000 likes!

Moose is one year old and is very happy with his parents. But recently, his parents had an idea that almost upset the family balance….

A little distrust

His masters came home with a special box. Inside was a small white kitten.

When Moose saw him, she was a little defensive at first and growled a little. But she quickly realized that there was nothing to fear.

Little by little, she got closer to the white kitten who had carefully remained in her transport box.

Moose started sniffing him and finally decided to adopt him permanently the same day!

At the end of the day, the two cats take a nap in the same basket and you can even see Moose bathing Goose, the little white kitten!

Such a cute relationship

Netizens were thrilled to see how quickly Moose embraced Goose:

Netizen _TigerEyes_ said, “Well, it didn’t take long” in a comment that received 1,159 likes.

Another person shared their recent experience: “We just introduced our cats a few weeks ago and had the same interaction! Ours is also called Goose 😂. »

Another person said, “Seeing your current cats accept a new friend is the greatest experience. »

The Catwoman netizen said, “Awww, I’m crying, it was so touching and beautiful. »

And we totally agree!

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