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the centers in the Thur and Doller valleys ready for the winter campaign

The team at the Restos du Coeur center in Masevaux-Niederbruck are on a war footing as the winter campaign opens on Tuesday 22 November. A season that should follow last year’s trend, although there is uncertainty about the number of families that will be signed up. “With inflation, it is difficult for us to make predictions, but it is likely that we will get more people to follow”, assesses the person in charge, Raymonde Scherrer.

Last winter, about forty families, or about 90 to 100 people, were registered at the Masevaux-Niederbruck center. “This summer we had 45 families, or about a hundred people,” says the manager. Fairly stable numbers over the last three seasons, although at the end of last summer a significant increase in the number of welcome was recorded.

Only a few large families are counted, most of the recipients are single,…



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