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The cheapest car brands to insure

The choice of vehicle is above all a matter of taste, but also a matter of budget at the time of purchase and in terms of insurance. In fact, the make and model of your vehicle will have a direct impact on your insurance premium.

The big winners for the cheapest vehicles to insure

First, small city cars are unsurprisingly the cheapest cars to insure. A proof for several years and this trend is confirmed again in 2021. At the top of the list you will find the Citroën C1. Then the Fiat 500 pop and the Peugeot 107 direct complete the podium.

These are vehicles that belong to the A segment of city cars. On the other hand, if you want to acquire a versatile city car, the Dacia Sandero will be the most interesting in terms of your car insurance contract. Next come the Ford KA and Toyota IQ.

As for sedans, the Dacia Logan remains the cheapest to insure, just ahead of the Ford Fiesta.

However, there are always differences depending on the insurance companies. So we remind you of the importance of comparing existing offers using an online comparator. You can also use it from lelynx.fr. In a few minutes you can get several personal offers on car insurance.

You simply enter your personal information, the type of vehicle you wish to insure. That way you will find the cheapest car insurance.

What is the car with the cheapest insurance deal for a young driver?

In general, a young driver is assimilated to a risk profile. This situation is explained by his lack of experience on the road. As a result, the price of his insurance contract will be more important than an experienced driver.

It is therefore wise to choose a cheap vehicle at the time of purchase, but also in relation to the insurance agreement. With this in mind, you should preferably choose a used car with a small engine.

As for the preferred models, you can set your sights on a Peugeot 106, a Volkswagen Polo or even a Renault Twingo.

How to find the cheapest car insurance?

Initially, the car’s characteristics will be examined by the insurance company. He will focus on the value of the vehicle, it is a first criterion of decisive importance. If you choose a prestigious model or one with a powerful engine block, your insurance premium will necessarily be more expensive than a mid-range used car.

In fact, a used vehicle will cost you less to insure compared to a brand new vehicle. But also keep in mind that there are differences depending on the car make and model. Therefore, it is important to refer to our previous location.

The second criterion is based on the driver’s profile. For a similar car, a young driver will have a higher insurance premium than an experienced driver.

Finally, the last criterion concerns the insurance agreement. All-risk car insurance has many guarantees. It is simply the most protective contract. However, this protection comes at a significant cost.

If you have a limited budget, you should go for third-party insurance, equivalent to the mandatory minimum for driving on public roads. In other words, you only have civil liability.

The final formula or intermediate contract is a reasonable compromise between the third-party formula and the all-risk formula.

What you need to remember

As you have just seen, the car is not the only criterion taken into account when calculating the insurance premium. However, it is an element of some importance and there are many differences depending on the brand or model.

So, if you are looking for the best car insurance premium rate, choose one of the models mentioned in our ranking. But don’t forget to note online offers using a comparator.



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