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the Council of Paris gives the green light

The benefits of a pet on humans are now obvious. However, some social institutions, especially nursing homes, do not allow the presence of hairballs for various reasons. In Paris, these rules evolve thanks to the devotion of a group of elected officials.

In 2022, the group Modemdemocrats and ecologists explained his project to integrate animals into nursing homes in Paris. The Parisian was responsible for passing on the information in one of his articles. After consideration of council in Paristhe proposal was unanimously adopted and is now being tested in the capital.

Strengthening social ties in nursing homes was the whole point of this initiative. In a press release, Modem stated: “ The issue of social ties is a big issue in our society, especially with regard to the aging of the population. But the presence of animals helps to reinforce it by combating isolation “. Thanks to the association dog talk5 establishments accepted dogs from time to time.

Undeniable benefits

Nevertheless, the majority of Parisian nursing homes managed by the city did not tolerate pets. Modem took the lead in changing it and appeared on council in Paris with his arguments. The elected representatives of the group defended the idea that an animal could bring benefits to seniors at all levels.

In general, its presence would prevent certain age-related deficiencies that are exacerbated by loneliness. The literature is solid on the subject, so the integration of animals, often dogs, into various social institutions is increasingly common.

Illustration of the article: Pets in Parisian nursing homes: The Paris council gives the green light

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“A big step forward”

Faced with such an argument, the proposal of Modem was unanimously adopted in council in Paris. The chairman of the group, Maud Gatelexpressed himself after this decision: The open possibility of welcoming animals in Parisian EHPADs is a big step forward, as the benefits of animal presence are now documented. “.

She added that this project will benefit everyone involved, whether they are residents or relatives. In fact, elected officials will ensure that staff have no additional duties related to this policy. The animal’s well-being will also be at the heart of the concerns. Testing and discussions are still ongoing to define the best way to include hairballs in structures.



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