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The couple had killed their dog in Saint-Germain-des-Fossés (Allier) last summer: six months in prison suspended

“Unsustainable death”

Very quickly, the gendarmes of the company of Vichy had been able to go back to the owners of the animal, in particular thanks to a chip with which it was equipped, then thanks to the serial number of the garbage bag. The couple, residing not far from there, had been arrested. His masters had first tried to make believe in the disappearance of the dog by posting messages on the internet. But they had quickly recognized the obvious: they had wanted to “get rid of him” because he was “barking too much”.

Two cats killed by crossbow fire in Domérat (Allier): “It is despicable to cause such suffering! »

Facts “of great cruelty”, indicated the prosecution. And the court wondered: why not have sought to resell the dog where to entrust it to a breeding?? “We put announcements, but we had no response. As for breeding, we did not think about it, ”said the two defendants at the helm. According to justice, they also had to find “cheaper” the option of killing him in the middle of nature.

The civil party SPA

An “unbearable death, which is an act of ignominy”, for Me Etard-Gallot, lawyer for the SPA who filed a civil action in this “despicable” affair. And the prosecution to recall that a dog was “not an object, but a living being, which feels suffering”.
The couple, with a clean record until then and who may have felt “overwhelmed” by the animal (dixit Me Cauro) was sentenced to six months in prison suspended. The two defendants will also have to pay a fine of €600 each, as well as €2,000 in damages. They also have a permanent ban on keeping an animal.

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