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The court in Perpignan: facing the burglar, it is the cat that raises the alarm

When he is free, he spends his nights outside. he randomly enters a dwelling and steals what he finds in the presence of the sleeping occupants; quiet as a shadow. But this time he encountered more felines than him…

“Do you need money?” Sir, asks the judge.
“Family problems?”

Mehdi is only 18 years old. He has already been convicted 3 times and is on probation. but he keeps stealing without really knowing why. On October 14, he entered a house in Rivesaltes at night while its occupants were asleep. He entered the owners son’s room and stole a credit card. His cat steps have only been heard by one connoisseur of the subject: the cat. He was the one who raised the alarm.

Mehdi and his accomplice, a 15-year-old boy, fled, but the minor was soon found by the gendarmerie. From then on, Mehdi was identified. His father was able to recover the stolen bank card and handed it over to the gendarmes who came to arrest the young thief. Which is returned to the court as soon as possible.

“It was the miner who trained me, he wanted to do what we did in Espirhave”.

The president raises an eyebrow: “And what is it?
“We went into houses and stole everything we could.”

This time he was randomly looking for a motocross bike.

“And why? “
“I wanted one!”

The prosecutor, who has seen others, is still surprised: “I am struck by this casualness and this lack of empathy for the victims who have experienced a terrible trauma. His immaturity has a good back. He is an adult. Since he is already under suspended sentence, I must ask for a fixed sentence: 10 months.”

“In the absence of a professional project”, the court follows him and orders 10 months of continued detention, without adjustment.



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