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The first Big Fernand in Rouen will open on the Place du Vieux Marché!

A Big Fernand restaurant will open on the Place du Vieux Marché in Rouen. (©Big Fernand)

Another franchise, some will say, finally one Big Fernand others will rejoice… The frankness of burgers gourmets will indeed open his first restaurant in Rouen, on the Place du Vieux Marché.

Big Fernand arrives in Rouen

The rumor of an upcoming establishment of the franchise that invented “the burger” had been rustling for several weeks already. Just a month ago, the brand’s communication spoke to 76news “of a project in progress” on which discretion was in order.

Our colleagues from Paris Normandy finally sold the wick this Tuesday, June 14, 2022: Big Fernand will settle in the Place du Vieux Marché. This information has been confirmed to us by several sources.

The burger brand will take the place of the restaurant The Gourmand of the South-West, at the corner of rue Rollon. A dream location for the franchise which, for 10 years, has been offering revisited burgers, sometimes new, always with a “franchouillarde” touch.

The increasing number of franchises

Good news for lovers of hamburgers and fernandines (the brand’s fries), but bad news for those who are attached to independent trade.

After the closure of the venerable Maison Hardy, replaced by IT Italian Trattoria, as we revealed a few days ago, the arrival of this new brand confirms the trend observed in the Vieux Marché district and rue du Gros Horloge: franchises are taking up more and more space in the Rouen hypercentre. Until when ?

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