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The first meeting between this cat and a small child overflows with tenderness (video)

Tomcats are not done surprising us. While some of them are very independent, even solitary, others never miss an opportunity to be brought into contact with people. Nelly especially appreciates their company, regardless of their age!

The behavior of our feline friends sometimes leaves us a little confused, especially with babies. Many cats are not used to seeing them every day and react strangely when they meet them for the first time.

But sometimes, against all odds, their first contact is a moment filled with love and tenderness, and this was the case nellya cat with 40,000 subscribers TikTok. As reported Animal friendlythe cat fell in love with a small child and her actions seduced more than 5 million people.

love at first sight

In a video published on December 5, nelly meows, wags her tail and rubs against the toddler standing in front of her. These are unmistakable signs of affection. For internet users, one thing is certain: the cat has undeniably fallen under his spell!


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? so this is love – soft girl aesthetic

They didn’t lack imagination when they saw this video: “ The cat validated the baby! You can keep it! » ; ” Did Nelly expect to receive hugs in return? » ; or ” It looks like the beginning of a Disney movie “, we could read among the comments.

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nelly is a loving ball of fur, and just check out his other videos TikTok to get to the bottom of it. His reaction full of tenderness towards this little child was therefore far from a surprise to his owners. nelly is not done working wonders!




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