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the floor to the lawyers of the civil parties before the requisitions and the verdict on Saturday

Some of the 9 jurors have personal requirements the next day and could not be present. This would require a new dismissal of this interminable trial.

Time is counted

The various lawyers were therefore asked to take this reality into account in the duration of their pleadings.

They started this Friday morning and will continue into the afternoon. These various lawyers carry the word of the granddaughter of the accused couple, now 7 years old, of her grandparents, of her uncle Yann, a time implicated in this double parricide, and of the aunt, today now guardian of the child. Kevin Rouxel, who admitted his guilt, was sentenced to 30 years in prison. His ex-wife was sentenced to 20 years for complicity but said she was innocent from the start.

Me Marie Levez-Gomez, who intervenes for the cousins ​​of the accused’s child, with whom they live today, appealed to the “intimate conviction” of the jurors, “wishing for truth and justice” , in their decision.

“Two heinous murders”

Beyond the remarks to recall the suffering of their clients, the representatives of the civil parties endeavored to affirm the responsibility of the two accused in this tragedy.

“What you have to do is judge the facts, to determine everyone’s responsibility”, launched Me Alain Astabie, on behalf of the parents of Pascal Rouxel. Like the other civil parties, he sees in Sofiya Bodnarchuk, the initiative of the project which led to the assassination of Pascal and Ewa Rouxel, on February 20, 2016, in their house in La Bastide-Clairence.

“Two villainous assassinations, to get their hands on the jackpot”, for Me Astabie.



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