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The inauguration of the fast food restaurant was disrupted by a protest from L214

“Locked up for life”, “Heaped up by thousands”, “Growth too fast”, “Hanging on for life”… The panels in L214 are explicit. The Animal Welfare Association did not hesitate to demonstrate on the occasion of the opening, near the Gare du Nord, in the 10th arrondissement, of the first French restaurant of the American chain Popeyes specializing in fried chicken.

“We are demonstrating because Popeyes has refused to commit itself against the worst intensive chicken farming according to the criteria of the “European Chicken Commitment””, explains Raphaëlle, activist for the association for 5 years. According to her, Popeyes’ main competitor, KFC, has for its part committed itself to the most cruel slaughtering methods for chickens. “We are present at the opening to show our anger at Popeyes’ inaction.”

L214 hopes to move the lines

“It is a good opportunity to meet and discuss, you have to share the particularities of the French market and sit around the table to see how things can move forward, because the other market players are also involved in this process “, defends Véronique Bourgeois, corporate director of Popeye’s press service. This is the goal of the activists of L214, who hope that their actions will push Popeyes management to move, she who had previously refused their requests.



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