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the last months before his disappearance!

The forwarding of the document including the green card and the vignette will no longer be carried out by the insurance company. One of the effects of dematerialization. Photo Macif

On September 20, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire confirmed that he was working to remove the little green sticker from your insurance company as well as the green card.

This printed document is provided each year on the anniversary of your contract or, for certain mutuals, before 1eh January each year. Its presence on the windscreen had been compulsory since 9 September 1986 with a fine of €35.

A source of savings, but not fewer checks

The dematerialization of the sticker would be an economic and ecological advance. Economical, because it would save companies from having to send around 50 million documents by post. And ecological, because it eliminates a significant consumption of paper, which would correspond to 1,237 tons of CO2.

It remains to be seen whether this saving will benefit the insured. From now on, checks will be more efficient thanks to the FVA, the file on insured vehicles, which the police can consult directly by reading the number plate.

During a check, the police's reading of the identity plate will allow them to immediately know whether you are insured.  Or not... Photo DR

During a check, the police’s reading of the identity plate will allow them to immediately know whether you are insured. Or not… Photo DR

Fight fraud

The file of insured vehicles is updated practically in real time. Insurance companies must fill in the information after signing or canceling the car liability warranty within 72 hours.

This file, which has been around since 2019, is much more reliable than the green sticker because if you cancel your insurance or if your company cancels it automatically, you can continue to display it on your windshield without being insured. This is without counting the traffic of fake thumbnails.

This would end the €35 fine; for thumbnail…



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