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the lawyer sentenced for “concealed work” and “dismissal without real cause” – Release

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The tenor of the bar, who is already the subject of an ethics investigation by the Paris Bar Council, was sanctioned on April 4 by the industrial tribunal of Creil, for having “voluntarily concealed salaried employment” of his concierge whom he charged with the upkeep of his apartment.

If the lawyer Emmanuel Pierrat has a real notoriety in literary Tout-Paris, we can say at least as much about his interior. A myriad of art objects from Africa and the Pacific accumulates with the great collector. Enough to give its shelves the air of a fantastical cave. Fetish masks, tribal weapons and ethnic jewelry are on display in his apartment, which he gladly opens to the prying eyes of the press, or which he exhibits at will on social networks. Coming from his many travels, this tribal art no longer leaves a free corner in his lair. The little story even says that the dining table is now condemned, and that the lawyer and his guests have taken to exile in the kitchen. The lot is impressive and of inestimable value to scholarly eyes but, if one lowers oneself to practical considerations, it gathers dust happily. It is hard to imagine that the hyperactive council, at the head of an emblematic firm eager for dinners, social events, and broadcasts – not to mention the claimed writing of more than a hundred books already – load itself.

For four years, it was Selma (1), the caretaker of the building where he was then living, near Port-Royal, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, who saw herself…



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