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the lawyers of the Paris bar challenge the candidates

The professionals distributed posters in the streets of Paris and drafted a manifesto of ten proposals.

The lawyers wish to impose their concerns in the campaign. To do this, the members of the Paris Bar distributed a poster, unveiled by The Parisian , showing the different candidates in costumes of the Ancien Régime. With an inscription:Justice is not a privilege“.

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By this original communication – which can be found in Paris since this Monday, March 28 in the morning -, professionals want to sound the alarm. According to them, there isemergency“to implement reforms”in order to restore the confidence of our fellow citizens in the justice» while «no candidate has made justice a priority in their program“.

A manifesto of ten proposals

To feed the programs of the pretenders to the Élysée, the lawyers also drafted a manifesto of ten proposals. Among them, amoratorium on any new civil procedure reform“, the increase “considerable” of the “means necessary for the functioning of justice» or even the reinforcement of «knowledge of legal aid systems for the most disadvantaged“.

This arrest comes thirteen days before the first round of the presidential election. The conclusions of the Estates General of Justice – launched in October 2021 by Emmanuel Macron and his minister Éric Dupond-Moretti, must also be made public at the end of April.




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