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“The leaders could not ignore the situation”, assures the lawyer for the families of victims

RMC exclusivity – According to the lawyer for 8 families of children poisoned after eating Buitoni pizzas, the leaders of the brand risk up to 5 years in prison.

Eight families of victims infected after eating a Buitoni pizza seized a lawyer. If some have already filed a complaint against X, they are now grouping together to launch criminal proceedings. Because some of these parents have seen their children fall seriously ill. Children who have sometimes had their vital prognosis engaged, others who are still on dialysis in the hospital. Families first want explanations: how did this E.coli bacteria, the source of contamination, get into the pizza dough? How can this never happen again?

And above all, parents want those responsible not to go unpunished. This is why they have a criminal and health law lawyer in Toulouse and Paris, Maître Pierre Debuisson: “The parents are in shock and incomprehension. They are also angry. Their wish more vivid is to understand how these products could have been put on the market. They want all the light to be shed to prevent this type of intoxication from happening again”, assures the lawyer this Friday exclusively on RMC.

“The risk is a criminal conviction”

“If it turns out that there was no respect in terms of hygiene and food safety regulations, it is a total and absolute scandal. The images show a climate of total insalubrity in the within this factory. Some employees were able to challenge their superiors who could not ignore the situation, so serious it appears, it is one more disaster”, adds the lawyer.

Pierre Debuisson believes that the leaders of Buitoni can be indicted for manslaughter. But before that, “justice must multiply investigations, searches, hearings to shed light on this tragedy. An investigating judge must consolidate and centralize all complaints,” he explains.

“The risk is a criminal conviction of the leaders with prison sentences at the key since for manslaughter, it is up to 5 years”, adds the lawyer.

How is Buitoni defending himself?

The brand reacted to the images broadcast Thursday by RMC on the catastrophic hygiene conditions in the contaminated pizza production factory in Caudry in the North. Buitoni admits that these photos were indeed taken in the factory but that it is “never so dirty” usually.

Nestlé, the group that owns Buitoni, also claims that the tests it has done itself in the factory are negative. In any case, the bacterium has been found in the pizzas marketed while it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that this does not happen.

Anne-Lyvia Tollinchi, Johanna Chabas and Marie Dupin



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