The Marmandaises ready for a pass of three in Agde

The Marmandaises ready for a pass of three in Agde

Is this the start of the season that Marmande launched last week after his second consecutive victory at the reception of Tournefeuille (25-22)? This is what a whole club is hoping for, which from this Saturday intends to win a third victory, which will allow the Blues to finally get out of the bottom zone of the standings.

Last week against Tournefeuille, the business was not the easiest, but Marrocco’s players were able to finish the game with application, something that was missing in some games at the start of the season.

This weekend’s trip will take Marmandais far from the Lot-et-Garonne lands, specifically in Agde. With access to N3 during the summer, this collective has acted as a surprise chicken team since the start of the season with a beautiful 4e square.

The rear chainstay performs

Echoes show that the Occitanie side offer a rigorous, sometimes tough defense with a lot of physical commitment. It will therefore be necessary for the Marmandais to take care not to fall into the trap of an overly physical meeting, which could remove their clarity in money-time.


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