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The most beautiful dogs, cats and rabbits compete at the Parc des Expos in Tarbes

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Throughout the weekend, thousands of purebred dogs, cats and rabbits compete in the Tarbes exhibition centre, to the delight of the audience, who came in large numbers.

Crazy success for the dog, cat and rabbit (rabbit) shows, which have been taking place since yesterday, until tonight, in the Tarbes exhibition centre.

Parades and competitions marked this first day, where animal breeders from all over France and elsewhere presented their proteges to the expert eyes of French and international judges. “We are the guarantors of the races and are thoroughly trained”, explains judge Catherine Canpala, who would like to remember that the competitions, pointed out by some defenders of the animal cause, are spaces dedicated to animal lovers. “Professional breeders are wonderful people who take very good care of their cat or dog. Here we are far from abuse.” And to remember the criteria for a cat to become a champion: “The animal must already feel good in its head. Then we base ourselves on the standard of the breed.”

As for dogs, Richard Capel, president of the Association Canine Territoriale des Hautes-Pyrénées, states that 2,560 dogs compete, for 210 breeds represented. “This year there are hairless dogs from Peru with no hair and we are seeing breeds from eastern countries arriving.” But the one that man especially likes is the small Pyrenean shepherd labrit. “We have to make this breed last because it risks disappearing. They are working dogs, inexhaustible, very lively.” Appreciated for his physical qualities with packs, this small dog with exuberant energy cannot tolerate inactivity. “In the city, it might suit a sporty person. If the dog runs with its owner, it will be happiest.”



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