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The mysterious why cat eyes glow in the dark

© The mysterious reason why cats’ eyes glow in the dark

Cat eyes glow in the dark for a very specific reason. It is true that felines are very mysterious animals and this added factor gives them an incredible aura. Why do cats’ eyes glow in the dark? What is behind all this?

It is not surprising Egyptians loved cats, partly because of their nocturnal glow. This bewitched and impressed every human being at that time. They considered felines to be the guardians of the underworld.

What is hidden behind the cat’s eyes?

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Cats’ eyes glow in the dark due to an optical phenomenon called light reflection. This fascinating phenomenon has long fascinated cat lovers and given rise to numerous theories.

We will explore the mysterious reason the cat’s eyes glitter in the dark. We will also delve into the captivating world of cat vision.

The Shining Cat Eye Phenomenon: A Fascinating Adaptation

When a light source hits a cat’s eyes in the dark, a layer of cells called the tapetum lucidum reflects the light.

This specific structure present in the cat’s eye acts like a mirror. It reflects the light back to the back of the eye, increasing the amount of light available to the photoreceptors.

This adaptation is especially useful for cats that hunt at night. By increasing the amount of light captured by the eye, the tapetum lucidum allows cats to see with greater clarity and precision in low light conditions.

This explains why cats are efficient and formidable night hunters.

Cat night vision

Thanks to this unique adaptation of their eyes, Cats can detect subtle movements of potential prey. And this, even in total darkness.

The tapetum lucidum acts as a light amplifier. Thus, it improves night vision for felines and gives them an undeniable advantage in hunting.

Cat eyes have a special arrangement of light-sensitive cells. This allows them to see in low light conditions without compromising their visual acuity.

This combination of factors does cats, formidable and efficient nocturnal predators. They are able to hunt with incredible precision even when the light is minimal.

This will probably surprise you, but horses also have this reflex in their eyes. In fact, they have nocturnal habits and need this ability to escape or hunt.

It is a resource that animals need to see better in dim light.

It is therefore tapetum lucidum is found in other animals such as bats. Crocodiles, horses, sharks and many felines also have it. This is a very interesting evolutionary advantage.

The glow of cats’ eyes in the dark is the result of a remarkable adaptation of their visual system for nocturnal hunting.

This fascinating phenomenon is aesthetically captivating. Furthermore, it also testifies to nature’s ingenuity in developing species to survive and thrive in varied environments.



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