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the owner does not know what to do

Video: A cat has kittens, a dog steals them and now thinks she is their mother: the owner does not know what to do

That cats and dogs have become one of the main attractions on social networks. When pet owners film their pets playing indoors or outdoors, it is very common the video goes viral.

This time, a new episode left many netizens in shock because although it seemed funny, it turned out to be very serious for animals, especially for the mother cat. However, it was a situation even more difficult for the owner to manage which recorded everything too TikTok.

This time we bring you a funny but serious story:

This is a video uploaded by the user Susana Aristizabal (@susyaristizabal93), which showed that his female dog dachshund literally had Fly ” them babies from her pussy.

From what can be seen on the video footage, the kittens slept with the dogwho didn’t allow anyone near them for some reason.

That mistressmeanwhile tried to prevent the conflict from escalating and animals do not fight. So she chose to keep the cat away and tried to remove her kittens from the female dog.

The funniest thing is that the dachshund also nursed the kittens, lovingly, as if they really were his little ones.

That animal behavior experts It is not entirely clear what caused this strange behavior, but some agree that animals care for the young of other species to satisfy their maternal instincts.

Very young animals are a source of emotion for any animal. “The puppy’s rounded shapes and large eyes evoke an emotional response,” says Joaquim Vea, director of the Primate Research Center at the University of Barcelona.

Which also explains the emotional response that we can also have: Adoption probably has to do with the feelings it evokesa physiological response that is different from that of emotion, which is the awareness of emotion,” he adds.

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