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The Pokoras are ready to receive Santa… Bob Dylan thanks the employees of a donut shop…

21 December 2022

Lily Allen defends the children of the stars who do the same work as their parents

Faced with the current New York Magazine outcry against “nepo babies” — children of stars accused of backing down because they’re “children of” — singer Lily Allen joined the debate on Twitter.

The daughter of the actor Keith Allen and the producer Alison Owen, herself a “baby nepo”, although now 37, believes that if there is a problem with “legacies”, it is not in the artistic field that nepotism is harmful .

“The nepotist babies you should be worried about are the ones working in law firms, in banks and in politics, if we’re talking about real consequences and denying people opportunities. BUT that’s not my business,” she said. written.

Matt Pokora and his family made their tree

Bob Dylan explains why he’s dedicating his book to Dunkin’ Donuts employees

When Bob Dylan’s book, modern philosophy of song, published in November, journalists and readers were intrigued by one of the book’s dedications. The Nobel Prize in Literature really thanks the employees of Dunkin’ Donuts, a sign that serves coffee and donuts.

Little known for their contributions to philosophy, music or even gastronomy, what had these associates done to appear in a place of honor in a book that essentially evokes the musical memories of a child and adolescent Dylan? The singer, writer and composer revealed the mystery in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

When the reporter asked him about this conundrum, the “Rimbaud of rock” was kind enough to reply: “Because they were compassionate, very supportive and they went the extra mile”…

Did they buy him donuts or let him hang out for hours over coffee before he became successful? The first store opened in 1950… It’s hard to imagine Dylan, who rarely goes out, going to Dunkin’s to snack on a donut today!



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