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The police make the sad discovery of 6 abandoned puppies inside a suitcase

Without investment from law enforcement, the litter of puppies may no longer be in this world. Abandonment is a true affliction that often leads to tragic ends, but one of them, which took place in Florida, thankfully ended in a heartwarming way.

Police officers in Tampa, USA, recently made a discovery that they would have missed. FOX 13 News returns to a sad scene that took place at a resort.

Last October, law enforcement officers were arrested by the presence of 2 stray dogs along with Dale Mabry Highway. They managed to capture the mother and her pup and hand them over to Humane Society of Tampa Baya shelter nearby.

But they weren’t at the end of their surprises…

The police returned to the scene and were attracted by the sound of “muffled creaks“come from a closed suitcase, as the members of Humane Society. When they opened this, they were face to face with 6 puppies…

These little balls of fur, separated from their mother, had been victims of cruel abandonment. Fortunately, the work of the Tampa police officers will make it possible to avoid a tragic ending to their story.

On the way to new adventures

We are so grateful that they returned to the scene to save these puppies” the volunteers continued Facebook. The family of dogs was able to be reunited under the roof of Humane Societyand recover from this painful event.

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The mother dog and her 7 5-week-old babies received all the care they needed before being put up for adoption. Their next adventure is bound to be better than what they knew…




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