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the protection of Supreme Court judges reinforced before highly anticipated decisions

The move to better protect Supreme Court justices comes days after an armed American was arrested outside the home of one of them.

The United States Congress on Tuesday passed a law strengthening the protections of Supreme Court justices, a few days before crucial decisions on the right to abortion and firearms.

Last Wednesday, a heavily armed American was arrested near the home of conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh in the suburbs of Washington, whom he wanted to kill before committing suicide. During his interrogation, he had, among other things, told investigators that he was angry with the Supreme Court after the leak in early May of a draft judgment on abortion.

The text implied that the highest court in the United States was ready to bury its historic 1973 decision in which it recognized the right of women to have an abortion, which sparked protests across the country, including outside the home of several judges.

“A clear signal to the radicals on the left”

The final decision of the Court on this case, as well as another on the carrying of weapons, is expected by June 30, raising fears of a new rise in tension.

“Today we are sending a clear signal to radical leftists: You cannot intimidate Supreme Court justices,” House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy said just before the bill was passed. extend the protection enjoyed by judges to their entire families.

The text, which has already passed the Senate stage, must now be signed by Joe Biden.



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