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“The reasons to love him”, the new SPA film against abandonment

No shocking images of abandonment but the tender and moving story of a dog at the end of his life with his master by his side who remembers the mistakes he has made: with his new film, “the reasons for ‘love’, the SPA is launching its new campaign against abandonment.

No shocking images

“You can always look for reasons to abandon it, you will above all find reasons to love it”: with this sentence, the SPA recalls Tuesday in a press release certain “absurd” reasons invoked by those who abandon them: “it is too old”, “he is not clean”, “he does not listen to anything”, “he is ugly”…

“All the nonsense of our companions can be obviously annoying, but remain futile compared to the love and the joy that an animal can bring us”, estimates the SPA.

Since Monday on TV

This film has been broadcast since Monday on television, accompanied by a digital communication device and press releases with visuals featuring animals caught in the act of stupidity.

“We wanted to highlight other causes of abandonment in addition to the traditional reason for going on vacation, to remind us of the commitment represented by the acquisition of an animal and that we must not give up the slightest annoyance”, explains Jacques-Charles Fombonne, president of the SPA who hopes “that this film will make it possible to empower animal owners and make the French want to come and adopt animals abandoned in our shelters to offer them a new chance”. .

7,000 dogs and cats at the SPA

After a start to the year marked by a drop in animal adoptions, more than 7,000 dogs and cats are waiting for a new master in the 63 SPA shelters, “a tense situation at the start of summer”.

“After the lifting of the last restrictions, the French will probably take the opportunity to go on vacation again, causing a new wave of abandonments for which the teams of the association are preparing”, worry the defenders of animals.



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