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the request to join the drug trafficking file with that of Poretta’s double homicide rejected

The court was not sensitive to the arguments of the defence. Some of the lawyers left the trial. Christophe and Richard Guazzelli, they have made it known that they will remain silent.

The trial before the Marseille criminal court will be well over. The opening day was devoted to this question.

The lawyers of the 23 defendants who have been appearing since Monday in the context of a drug trafficking case, in the forefront of which the Guazzelli brothers, had long tried to convince the seventh chamber, without success.

Maître Julien Pinelli, lawyer for Christophe Andreani, had explained that this trial for drug trafficking was “indissociable from that relating to the double murder perpetrated at Poretta airport, for which some of the defendants will have to appear before the assize court”.

The defense had not failed to point out that the investigators themselves considered the two cases linked, the drug trafficking having been intended, according to them, to finance the crime.

The lawyers had therefore requested the joinder of the two proceedings before this Assize Court of Aix-en-Provence, “so that our clients can explain all the facts with which they are accused”.

The public prosecutor’s office, for its part, felt that the case should not be seen through the case of the few people who were involved in the two cases. And the court agreed with him.

Rejection of applications has consequences. The Guazzelli brothers made it known that they would remain silent, and several defense lawyers, including those for the main defendants, left the hearing.

On the sidelines of these long debates, the councils of the Guazzelli brothers also announced that they had appealed the request for seizure of their family home, located on the heights of the village of La Porta in Castagniccia and confiscated during the investigation.



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