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The secret of Sardinian pasta in Emilie Franzo’s salad

What could be better in summer than a little freshness brought by a good little salad? And that’s good, because there are 60 recipes in the book Gourmet salads that Emilie Franzo, culinary stylist at the head of the blog “Plus une crumb dans l’assiette” published last month at Marabout. Its secret, the balance of compositions, each more delicious and colorful than the next. In addition, having tasted three of them, we can assure you: they are absolutely exquisite, his salads.

A tiny round dough

But to stick to the theme of our “Pasta Cosi” series, we asked him to introduce us to his fregola pasta salad. Frego-what? Fregola, from the name of this tiny round-shaped pasta from Sardinia. “Not easy to find in France, and that’s a shame…” Because with its very thin and round shape which, says Emilie, “rolls under the tooth”, it brings what is needed “chew and consistency” to a vegetable salad.

Like this fabulous salad of lamb’s lettuce, fregola, roasted carrots with honey and hazelnuts, where each ingredient responds perfectly to one another and whose 20 minutes enjoyed himself after this video report. Thanks Emily!

A small detail that is important, and which does not appear in the video: you have to remember to let the carrots out of the oven and the fregola pasta out of boiling water cool down before arranging the plates… Otherwise, these hot ingredients will burn the lettuce leaves. And for those looking for a little freshness this summer, admit that it would be a shame!



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