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The singers ready for the big day

They have been working on learning the texts for months, only a few days they meet each day to practice

tireless Grand Choral version 2022, which they present tonight and tomorrow at Espace Argence together with Tryo, Gauvain Sers and LEJ

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IThey landed at Beurnonville high school on Sunday for a first test at 2 p.m. Hardly enough time to get a handle on the fact that they had to go to work. Time is running out to polish, prepare the titles they will perform tonight and tomorrow during the three sessions of the Grand Choral. ” Something is transferred to the choir, and the choir must convey the message to the public. He will pass us by”, explains Maud Galichet, choir director. For six days, the 800 choristers, including 100 middle and high school students, were busy practicing tirelessly to be ready for D-Day.
It’s a bit of a discovery. Before we did the Aube choir. It’s not the same at all. The vocals are much more energetic. There is much more atmosphere
“, blurts out a group of high school students.

Since yesterday they left Beurnonville to integrate the Argence space and invest the places, the stage to polish the last details. Every year the challenge is daunting and the choristers, led by four choirmasters, rise to it and manage to surprise the public again and again. ” What I like is showing that you can make very demanding music with people who are not professionals. To show that everyone can sing », enthuses Julie Rousseau, choir director.

“To show that we can make music

very demanding with people who are not professionals »

Everyone is passionate and there to live a unique adventure. ” It’s a great atmosphere. we live completely unforgettable moments in the middle of all these singers ” says Sylvie François, 72, dean of the large choir. ” This year’s repertoire is festive, very very festive. My only regret is that I didn’t start this kind of thing much earlier – its first appearance dates back to 1997 –. It is experiences to live intensely. »

At 14, Chloé is already at her second Grand Choral. ” It is always a pleasure to do so. It’s so good to sing the same song at the same time and meet at the same event. Singing with a choir of 700 people is an incredible and unimaginable experience. »

An experience that they will share this evening with the godfathers and godmothers of this 35th edition of Tryo, Gauvain Sers and LEJ, and especially with the public.

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