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“The situation annoys him”: this risk that Emmanuel Macron is ready to take

Six months after his re-election as head of state, Emmanuel Macron finds himself blocked in his reform policy, as he does not have the support of an absolute majority in the National Assembly. Faced with this lack of power and authority, the president would be ready to take a significant risk, according to one of his relatives at the Élysée.

What happens in the head by Emmanuel Macron? Six months after his re-electionthe president’s political direction seems uncertain and in perpetual motion. Qualified for “star dancer” by political columnist Franz Olivier-Giesbert this Friday, October 21, newspaper Opinion got it added a layer this Monday, October 24 with details the instability of the political line By the President.

Badly helped by relative majority in the National Assembly, where potential slings is ready to express himself, confirms the daily, about statements from one of the head of state’s confidantsthat this would no longer support the state of affairs current : “The situation annoys him, he dreams of dissolving [l’Assemblée nationale]he confessed. ONE very dangerous gamesince risk of a new majority in favor of the opposition exist : live with Marine Le Penit must not be fun” said the same confidant with a smile. ONE difficulties and additional risk towards the president.

© Celine Bregand / Pool / BestimageEmmanuel Macron, during the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Great Mosque of Paris, on October 19, 2022.

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An uncomfortable situation for Emmanuel Macron

Because Emmanuel Macron has doesn’t seem to like it his current position. Always in one reforming spirit but blocked by the National Assemblythe president of the republic in the second term, which implies his direct re-election not possible in 2027, feel his authority is erodedaccording to Opinion. Even if he wants to hold on on political decisions, the chairman “press on the brake and on the accelerator at the same time” according to a renaissance deputy, blocking societal progress from the country.

However, Macron wants to leave a rather lasting mark on politics to remain one important element at the end of his second term. ONE only solution other than dissolution then offered himself to the President of the Republic to be able to act : the use of 49-3an effective remedy, but very poorly seen of the people. Emmanuel Macron will having to find the delicate balance Between important reforms past thanks to this opportunity and growing unpopularity that he risks with one for regular calls to this constitutional complaint.

Image credits: Romain Gaillard / Pool/ Bestimage

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