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the soda brand partners with this alcoholic beverage to market this iconic cocktail in a can

the Coca Cola has long been a favorite drink in bars and restaurants around the world. This is why the soda brand regularly offers variations of its flagship product. Soon, one of his new concoctions will have its place on the shelves. Indeed, the Coca-Cola Company recently announced that it associated itself with this famous alcoholic drink in order to market, in the form of a can, this emblematic cocktail.

This tasty cocktail will have the right to its canned version

This Monday, June 13, the Coca-Cola company announced that it had reached an agreement with the spirits group Brown-Forman, in order to launch its own canned cocktail mixing its soft drink with the famous brand of whiskey from the manufacturer Jack Daniel’s.

“This partnership brings together two timeless American icons to provide consumers with a taste experience they love, in a practical, consistent and portable way”said Lawson Whiting, chief executive of Brown-Forman, in a press release.

If Jack Daniel’s already offered a mixture of these two drinks for thirty years, it will be the first time that the brand will be able to impose the Coca-Cola logo on these products. The premixed cocktail “Jack & Coke” should be marketed worldwide. A first launch of the drink is planned in Mexico for this end of the year.

The Brown-Forman Company has already announced that theThe alcohol content of 33 cl cans should be around 5%. However, this should vary depending on the countries in which the drink will be marketed. The new cocktail will also feature a “sugar-free” version from the first days of its launch.

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