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In France, 78% of lawyers consider that the level of stress and the mental load resulting from their profession are excessive. 89% of lawyers admit to waking up at least once a week at night for fear of having forgotten something, of having forgotten one of the 3,900 tasks they have to manage. One of the main causes of this exhaustion observed among lawyers is the absence of a production process allowing them to optimize their working time and the follow-up of all their files.

Faced with this observation, the Rubato management software has come to position itself as a leader in the management sector of law firms.

A significant gain in productivity in the management of customer files

Numbers speak louder than words. Taking customer feedback into consideration, Rubato software is:

  • 3 hours of work per week saved per user;
  • a 20% increase in profitability;
  • a 58% decrease in stress and mental workload;
  • an 82% reduction in operating risk.

The Rubato application automates the follow-up of files by translating each of them into a sequence of tasks and appointments that model the life of the file and by centralizing all the functionalities of project management.

To achieve these objectives, the Rubato software optimizes the management of client files and increases the profitability of a law firm.

The working method offered by this SaaS application is based on sequences. A production sequence represents a client file with the appointments as well as the tasks to be performed. It represents the lifeline of the file and allows to feed a bunch of features such as:

  • a daily and customizable to-do-list for each user in order to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines;
  • a shared and synchronized agenda;
  • an overview of the activity of the law firm;
  • a detailed view of each client file;
  • digital Post-its that allow you to quickly and easily record and store ideas;
  • a secure chat by file for efficient collaborative work with secure internal exchanges within the law firm.

The management of the files offered by Rubato is thus based on 2 pillars: collaborative project management coupled with industrial management.

Rubato: the software for profitable lawyers Rubato

Listening to customers to meet the needs of the legal profession in all respects

Rubato strives to offer day-to-day functionalities adapted to the management of tasks both within law firms and with independent lawyers, whatever their field of intervention.

For this, customer feedback is fully taken into account at all stages of the design of new Rubato software features. Innovation committees are thus set up by theme and by area of ​​law in order to take into account the real needs of lawyers for efficient management of their client files.

Far from resting on its achievements, this management software benefits from continuous improvement in order to adapt in real time to the new management problems encountered by lawyers.

Support at all times to increase productivity

In order to take full advantage of all the features offered by this management software, the Rubato team makes it a point of honor to support each user in the personalized handling of their Rubato. In video, or face-to-face as well as by telephone, Rubato customer service is attentive and available.

The Rubato team is also active on LinkedIn and Facebook to facilitate exchanges with users.




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