The story of Ayoub Ghachaoui, 28, or how a TikToker helps street cats and dogs in Casablanca


By Ghania Djebbar and Anas Zaidaoui on 13/11/2022 at 20:30 (updated on 13/11/2022 at 20:34)

A 28-year-old Casablancan, Ayoub Ghachaoui, is known on the social network TikTok for the love he gives to stray cats and dogs. He helps them in different areas of Casablanca, feeds them, takes care of them… Le360 met him, he wanted to talk about his involvement with these abandoned animals.


Ayoub Ghachaoui is not yet thirty years old, and he is already the founder and manager of a pet shop in the Sidi Othmane district, where he has set up a small room dedicated to the cats and dogs he has collected from the streets and who need care, such as a dog with mange (a contagious skin disease caused by a parasite), or who are looking for their new family – such as a litter of tricolor kittens with green eyes abandoned on the streets of the big city, which he has taken in.

Interviewed by Le360, Ayoub Ghachaoui told how the videos he posts on TikTok have gradually become viral and how his followers insist that he does not stop being involved with these abandoned animals.

Although he has an IT administrator license and a management diploma, Ayoub Ghachaoui has not found a job. Never mind, the young man had a happy inspiration when he told himself that he could better prosper by opening a pet store.

Shortly after realizing his project, and to communicate his love for cats and dogs, he started sharing videos on TikTok about the best food for cats.

Ayoub Ghachaoui then started sharing videos of cats and dogs needing medical attention because they were sick.

His number of followers on TikTok has since grown steadily, and he receives many messages and comments from netizens thanking him for his commitment and insisting that he continue to care for these animals.

Ayoub Ghachaoui also met, during his looting in Casablanca, a young Casablancan who welcomes in his own house about fifty cats. The young man brings her croquettes and terrines from his pet store from time to time and also helps her adopt the cats she takes in.

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