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“The terms of the oath do not apply to me”

Who is appearing today? Fabrice the media zebulon, the entertainer of TV sets, the compulsive twitto who investigates “asshole” per kilometer, the political juggler rallied to Marine Le Pen? Or master Di Vizio, the swordsman of the courtrooms, opponent number 1 to health restriction measures in times of Covid – according to him liberticides – who sent complaints by the thousands to the Court of Justice of the Republic (classified without follow-up) but also, incidentally, led to the indictment of the former Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn… A little of both surely, incapable as he is of splitting his character.

And that is what his peers reproach him for, this mixture of genres: to free himself from his obligations as a lawyer, while displaying himself as such. They are therefore responsible here for judging his alleged breaches of his obligations of “dignity, honour, probity, delicacy, brotherhood, courtesy »… but also “Caution with regard to its customers”as required by the ethics of lawyers, and in accordance with the oath he took in 2003.

In this case, he is accused of remarks “rude, vulgar and offensive” published on Twitter, but also in the television show “Touche pas à mon poste! (“TPMP”), likely to “harming the image of the legal profession”. And also to have threatened to dismiss on Twitter an employee who would have been vaccinated to be able to take the train. Fabrice Di Vizio, who had a desire to run for the elections,

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