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the video showing a cat’s reaction to the departure of its mistress is moving internet users

Leaving your home and leaving your pet behind is, for many owners, a real heartbreak. Especially when you get to see her reaction, as the owner of a cat named Elie did.

The video showing a cat’s sad attitude as her mistress leaves home touched many netizens after it was posted on TikTokreported Newsweek.

Posted on Sunday, November 13th by a user named Eliethehallwaycat “On the social network, the sequence has generated 5.1 million views and thousands of comments from” Tiktokeurs “moved.

The owner herself expressed her feelings after seeing the scene filmed by a camera installed opposite the entrance to her apartment. ” I will never leave my cat “, she captioned the video, adding that ” To [l’]made you cry “.

Illustration of the article:
@eliethehallwaycat / TikTok

Pictures accompanied by a song of Celine Dion (“ A new day has come “) show the cat by nameElias follow his human gaze as the latter is about to leave.

She leaves the place and closes the door behind her. The feline jumps on a stool near the door and stares at the handle as if hoping to see it turn again.


It made me cry???? #fyp

? A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix) – Celine Dion

Separation anxiety also affects cats

Another video posted the next day shows us the return of the mistress ofElias. She opens the door and finds the cat sitting in the same place. She immediately leaves the apartment to take a few steps down the hall. This post is actually a response to one of the comments on the previous video, the length of his absence and therefore the wait for Elie. ” I was gone for 8 hours “, she said.


By replying to @James I was gone for 8 hours. ????. #fyp Excuse me Elie??

? Heat waves – Glass animals

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Dogs aren’t the only pets to suffer from separation anxiety. Cats are also affected, as illustrated by the story ofElias. They manifest it in different ways: cleanliness accidents, destructive behavior, depression…




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