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This cat and this parrot have an unlikely friendship! (video)

Our feline friends are known to be formidable bird hunters. This behavior is even natural for them. It was obvious then that a video illustrating a cat sharing a tender moment with a parrot would surprise many internet users…

The unlikely friendships between animals are not new. They prove to us that our hairballs and feathers know how to give lots of love and are often magnificent to observe.

Crazy love!

The latest is about a beautiful ginger cat and a multicolored parrot, who became famous for the tenderness they showed TikTok last November, as reported Animal friendly.


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? original sound – friendsfurrever

In the publication of @friendsfurrever, we can see these 2 animals sleeping against each other, in a moment full of serenity. The bird really enjoys taking refuge in the comforting fur of its whiskers. ” It’s love ! we can read in the video.

More than 8,000 Internet users fell for this “ odd couple “, and still ” so cute “. Many of them took the scene as a joke, explaining that if she had to reproduce at home, she would rather look Tweety and Sylvester !


#CastOfTikTok #awesomepets #oddanimalfriends #CatsAndBirds #catsoftikt #oddcouples

? original sound – friendsfurrever

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In another video posted by the same account a few days later, we see that the love between these 2 animals has remained intact. The parrot waits impatiently for the return of his cat friend when he goes to his litter. He doesn’t seem to support his absence!

Both then find themselves snuggling on the armchair. As one surfer summed it up perfectly, there is no doubt: these animals are the “best friends in the world”!




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