This cat with overflowing affection only takes her meals after receiving her kiss (video)

Ely is obviously always delighted to see her bowl full, but she only starts enjoying her meal on one condition; that his mistress gives him a kiss. This is shown in a beautiful video of her shared on Instagram.

Our pets can have all kinds of “rituals”, ranging from the weirdest to the cutest. Take the example ofarthurthis red cat who, every evening, meows very loudly on returning home to warn the whole household of his arrival and waits for an equally loud response.

Today, it’s the routine of another feline that is in question, and it is particularly endearing. The animal in question is a sublime cat with a white dress answering to the name ofEly. His family also calls him Stoop.

Illustration of the article: This cat with overflowing affection only takes her meals after having received her kiss (video)

His photos and videos are followed by more than 300 subscribers on the account instagram dedicated to him. One of these sequences, posted on September 24, 2022 and relayed by The Hindustan Times, has become popular in a relatively short time, totaling more than 10,000 likes on the social network. She reveals the adorable habit that has Ely to wait to be kissed before each meal.

No meal without a hug!

Each time her bowl is served, the cat stands in front of it and begins to mew. She only stops doing it when her owner picks her up and gives her a kiss. She can then start eating.

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She needs kisses before every meal “, can we read in the caption accompanying this video.

Many Internet users touched by the tenderness of this scene commented on it, as ” le.wingdings “who wrote that the meal” tastes better with love “.


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