Home Cats This is why your cat accompanies you in the bathroom

This is why your cat accompanies you in the bathroom

This is why your cat accompanies you in the bathroom

If you have a cat at homeyou already know that cats are sometimes independent. And yet they are often so loving that they become a shadow of their owner. For example, have you ever wondered why does your cat follow you to the toilet? Here is the answer to this question.

Why does my cat follow me to the toilet?

Do you want to know why? Does your cat follow you to the toilet? Well, to answer this question, there are various reasons for this behavior. The following reasons are the most common:

A place with great entertainment:

First of all, we can say that the bathroom can be presented for cats as a place of adventure. Many elements in a bathroom can be fun for them, ie. furniture, various products, utensils and many other bathroom items are probably completely new to them.

A refreshing place:

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On many other occasions, cats go to the toilet because it is a refreshing place for them. In particular, it often happens that the tiles in the bathroom are cooler than the rest of the floor of the house. It should not be forgotten that the bathroom is the room in the house that is least exposed to the sun, and therefore the coolest.

Place to drink fresh water:

On the other hand, the bathroom is a place where the felines can easily access fresh water. Don’t forget the water from the drinking trough cats can easily get hot, especially in the summer months. Therefore, the cat will seek to cool down, and there is no better place to do this than the bathroom.

Constant company search:

Another reason why your cat follows you to the toilet is that he is looking for your business. He may not need everything the toilet has to offer, but he does need you. This can be interpreted as a positive thing, as it means that the cat appreciates you and enjoys your company no matter what.

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