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This surprising information to know before adopting a Siberian cat

Siberia is made for hunting and low temperatures.
He is also a real velvet paw, he is gentle and delicate with his master.
Nevertheless, the Siberian cat needs company and attention to thrive.

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When adopting a purebred cat, you need to know the animal’s character traits and specific needs to find a four-legged companion that is right for you. With the Siberian, it is hard to go wrong, because this very beautiful cat has many assets to please us.

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The Siberian cat: a recent and successful entry into homes around the world

The 1990s marked the end of the Cold War and the opening of the East to the Western world, a key moment in history from which the Siberian cat took advantage to conquer the globe. Present in Russia for centuries and probably the result of crosses between wild cats and farm cats as reported in its technical sheet LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins), this cat quickly won over Europeans and North Americans. We especially like its XL size, its beautiful thick and silky coat, made to withstand the extreme northern cold, its nonchalant calm and gentleness, its hunting qualities… Easy to live with on a daily basis, the Siberian cat adapts easily to all environments, to people of all ages, to other animals in the household, to strangers. He needs company and knows how to express it by meowing, rubbing against your legs, coming to lie down next to you when the opportunity presents itself. It is therefore not surprising that this comfortable living huggable has established itself among the most popular breeds in the world!

Siberian Traits and Flaws: Why Do We Love This Breed Cat So Much?

With his Maine Coon and Norwegian cousins, originally from North America and Scandinavia respectively, the Siberian shares similarities: a large size, fur so thick that it guarantees perfect impermeability to cold and moisture, and affection that flows towards the members of his human family. He never gets tired of the hugs and caresses you give him, so he can become very clingy. If he likes to survey his territory and hunt in all kinds of weather in winter, he also enjoys relaxing for long hours behind a sunny window, in front of a warm fire or on your duvet. Thus, the Siberian has adapted perfectly to indoor life and tolerates the division of an apartment well, provided that it has activities and tenderness of its owners on a daily basis. We can fear being overwhelmed during the shedding period when this is not the case: this cat keeps the majority of its hair. Maintenance is therefore limited to regular brushing. In addition, the Siberian is known to be hypoallergenic, but allergy sufferers must ensure their tolerance before adopting it, for example by visiting the breeder several times to meet it.

Finally, the cat enjoys a remarkable average lifespan of fifteen to twenty years and a remarkable resilience to common diseases and everyday ailments.




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