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this will not be the only change, the price of a dog could soon double!

On Tuesday, we headlined that a permit would be compulsory, from July 1, to buy a simple goldfish. It will be the same, in Wallonia, for a kitten, a puppy, a ferret or even a snake. This is done to improve animal welfare. We were able to read the draft decree of the Walloon Government relating to the detention of approved establishments for animals and the conditions of detention and marketing within these establishments. The least we can write is that it will turn this little world upside down and that it tends to frighten it. The text will be submitted for a second reading on June 23.

➜ In addition to the fact that you will have to show your credentials, the merchant will have to submit you to a questionnaire comprising forty questions.

➜ The price of a dog could double! Explanations of everything that changes.




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