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This young girl with a charitable soul sells bracelets for the animal cause

Brenna Edwards is only 8 years old, but she already has an entrepreneurial spirit. His good deeds arouse the admiration of the greatest. By making and selling bracelets, it helps families who want to adopt a cat. A look back at his remarkable dedication.

It is a jewelery store that has caused quite a bit of talk, and which is informed by Salisbury Post. An 8-year-old girl’s name is Brenna, has been committed for some time to defend the animal cause. To better understand his actions, you need to go back a few years earlier…

Felines, a family story

Brenna immersed in the world of cats from an early age. She lives in the city Monroein North Carolinain the company of Bubbles, Callie and Nelson, her 3 twins. Also his mother the laurel has welcomed stray cats into her home for many years.

But the young girl really wants to bring her stone to the building on the day her cousin wants to introduce her to the world of jewelry. She was passionate about making them and she decided to make more and more of them and link this activity to her love of cats.

How will she do it? For every bracelet sold, 1 euro will be donated to the county’s cat shelter Rowan. Measured with Brenna, is to help families who want to adopt a cat but don’t have the financial means. A great way to help lower adoption costs.

A concept that hits the mark!

His remarkable commitment met with great success in North Carolina, but not only. Orders for bracelets have come to him from other US states, such as New Hampshire or even Virginia. A real source of motivation for the young girl.

Recently she was at an adoption event for Petsmart Charities where she was able to resell 42 bracelets and collect more than 500 euros.

Brenna can congratulate himself on the success of his work and give many orphaned cats the opportunity to join their homes for life. An example to follow…



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