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Three hedgehog hunters arrested in Tarbes

In the evening of Tuesday, the police officers of the anti-crime brigade (Bac) of Tarbes check a vehicle with three individuals on board, accompanied by a hunting dog.

If everything is in order and they get back on the road, the police notice the empty vehicle of any occupant, parked later in the evening in the Bastillec area on the edge of the Echez. They decide to wait quietly to see what’s going on. The three men return to the vehicle, the dog gets on board, and there they are, leaving the scene at top speed, with all lights extinguished. When the Bac agents intercept them, they discover a living hedgehog near the hunting dog.

Placed in police custody for “predation of protected species”, hunters from the Traveler community explain that they know that what they have just done is illegal. Only, they indicate that consuming hedgehog is an ancestral tradition, and that they capture one or two every 10 days. If they claim to only eat males, to preserve the reproduction of the species, the hedgehog found in their car turned out to be… a female.

If the three men received a legal reminder, the Tarbes prosecutor’s office asked the police to release the hedgehog where she had been captured by the hunting dog.



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