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Thrown in a dump, a chihuahua saved by employees

A female chihuahua was found alive in a dumpster at the Châteauneuf-sur-Loire (Loiret) waste disposal center this Saturday. It is an agent of the site who discovered the animal and warned the person in charge of the technical pole of the Sictom of the city. The employee spotted the little dog just before the waste in the container was compressed, says The Republic of the Center.

The animal was distraught and ran into the dumpster. “It was thrown away like common waste,” denounced the manager. She went there and gave the chihuahua some food. The latter had been extracted from the container by an officer who jumped into the garbage. The employees are formal, the dog could not fall into the container alone.

Terrorized and refusing to be approached, the female was taken to the pound. Her master has eight days to come forward, after which the dog will be offered for adoption and transferred to a shelter. The technical manager said she was ready to welcome him permanently.



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