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“Top Chef”: Stéphane Rotenberg opens a restaurant with the show’s cult dishes

FOOD – Have you always dreamed of tasting the dishes of the chefs in Top chef? It will soon be possible. In the Parisianthe presenter of reality TV broadcast on M6 Stéphane Rotenberg announces this Thursday, June 9 the forthcoming opening of a “Bistrot Top Chef” with all the best dishes tasted on the show.

“We can go to the restaurants of the candidates and it’s great, recognizes the host, but the idea of ​​​​having a kind of best-of Top chef in the same place is quite exciting”, emphasizes Stéphane Rotenberg. The restaurant located in Suresnes, in the Hauts-de-Seine, will welcome its first customers on July 8.

Four starters, four main courses and four desserts that have marked the history of Top chef will be on the menu. The main course-starter-dessert menu will cost 39.99 euros. Initially, the recipes of the finalists and winners will be honoured: Arnaud Delevenne and Louise Bourrat from season 13 currently broadcast, Camille Delcroix and Victor Mercier from season 9, Coline Faulquier from season 7, Thibault Sombardier from season 5, Norbert Tarayre from season 3.

A universe close to that of Top chef

Stéphane Rotenberg specifies that he “definitely intends to ask many candidates who have not necessarily made it this far in the competition to come, many have won events or signed dishes which have thrilled the jury. I called a number of them and many are thrilled”.

Immersion in the universe of Top chef will be (almost) total. Elements of the set will be set in the restaurant, in particular flat screens with the realization of the recipe during their appearance on the show. A pantry where the brigades will come to help themselves will be visible to all.

A black box will also be available to discover the dishes only by taste, like one of the mythical events of Top chef. The presenter who has converted to catering wants to go even further, for example with culinary shows.

Before considering opening other bistros of the same type, he wants to ensure the success of the first one. Reservations will open on The Fork platform, just after the final between Arnaud and Louise, which will be broadcast on Wednesday June 15.

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