Toulouse. Specializing in poutine, have these restaurants recovered their composure after a hectic winter?

The restaurant Madame Poutine is open rue Peyrolières in Toulouse. He had lived through a troubled end of winter. (©Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

Then Vladimir Putin triggers invasion of UkraineFebruary 24, 2022, Europe and the world are falling into uncertainty. Between logistical support and economic sanctions, this war multiplies the consequences beyond the front line. And these will even arise in the heart of Toulouse, in restaurants. Especially two.

Poutine appointed

It did not take long for the conflict to reverberate throughout the rest of Europe. Except that some companies in Toulouse did not imagine become security victims.

Only a week after the start of the war, the channel “La Maison de la Poutine” published a message on the networks, deploring ” abusive calls and even threats. It therefore seems necessary to remind us that Maison de la Poutine are not related to the Russian regime and its leader.

Disturbances in Toulouse

Established in Pink City and contacted by Toulouse newshad the restaurant confirmed that it had been the victim of these unmotivated and unjustified attacks. Poutine was actually born in Quebec and has absolutely nothing to do with Russia. “It is created by passionate chefs and eager to bring peace and comfort to their customers,” the sign added, bringing ” his most sincere support to the Ukrainian people”.

La Maison de la Poutine is located on Boulevard Lazare-Carnot.
La Maison de la Poutine is located on Boulevard Lazare-Carnot. (©Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

On his side, Mrs. Putin, installed rue Peyrolières since the end of 2018, reported a similar ordeal. “We receive often abusive messagesor even Google reviews that put us a single star. It is heartbreaking…”, the establishment reported.

Madame Poutine restaurant is located in rue Peyrolières.
Madame Poutine restaurant is located in rue Peyrolières. (©Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

And now ?

Ukraine and Russia enter the eleventh month of the conflict. Is everyday life still complex in the restaurants whose flagship dish bears the name of the Russian leader? ” The situation has finally calmed down!“, enjoyed with great relief Maison de la Poutine, which can approach the end of the year with a smile.

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The restaurateurs at the head of Madame Poutine also faced curious people. ” At least once a daypeople passing in front of the restaurant ask us for what is our name Putin”, they explained to us at the beginning of March. Almost a year later, the curiosity is still there. Take it easy.

“It’s a lot quieter. We’re back to normal. There’s always a few curious people who wonder what poutine is, but it has nothing to do with the situation at the end of February.”

Mrs. PutinRestaurants in Toulouse
A poster on the facade of the restaurant La Maison de la Poutine gives details about this dish... from Quebec!
A poster on the facade of the restaurant La Maison de la Poutine gives details about this dish… from Quebec! (©Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

Poutine, kezako?

Poutine is a dish from Quebec. These are fries tossed with curd and topped with gravy. But one thing is for sure, what you get served when you ask for it has absolutely nothing to do with Russia, and even less with Vladimir Putin!


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