under drugs, the accident driver had neither a license nor insurance

He was an irresponsible driver to say the least. Wednesday 26 October around 11.00, at traffic accident takes place on avenue de Fronton, north of Toulouse. Two vehicles are involved, one of which has hit the opposite.

Already known to the police

In one of them, the driver is more easily injured in the collision. But it is ultimately the other driver who worries the police mobilized on the scene. This 29-year-old man actually accumulates traffic violations. He was driving without a license or insurance. On top of that, he was under the influence of euphoric drugs at the time.

Since he was not injured, he could be heard by the police after the accident. According to a police source contacted by The independent opinion, the person was already known to the police. Left free at the end of the hearing pending the completed analyses, he will be summoned again later.

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