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United States: $ 19 million paid for dinner with billionaire Warren Buffett

Each year, an auction is organized for the benefit of a charity. Among the prizes, a dinner with billionaire Warren Buffett.

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At this price, we hope they will eat well. A bidder, for the moment anonymous, paid 19 million dollars for a dinner with the billionaire Warren Buffett.

Organized by eBay and the Glide Foundation, which works to lift people out of poverty, the annual auction was a success. In 20 editions, nearly 34 million dollars had been collected. In 2015, a Chinese company won the meal for $2.35 million.

A dinner in New York

The starting bet for this meal was $25,000. The lot was won for 760 times more. And for this price, the one who chose to remain anonymous will spend “an unforgettable afternoon with the legend Warren Buffett during a private dinner, with a maximum of 7 guests”, according to the press release from the Glide foundation.

The meal is organized in New York, in the restaurant Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse. On the menu, there are classic meals such as Caesar salad ($19), fried squid ($19), filet mignon ($57 minimum) but also beef tenderloins, sold between $59 and $140. Glide’s press release does not indicate who pays the bill…

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