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United States: A dog is embedded in the enclosure of a gorilla and is close to disaster


A canine escaped from his home and found himself face to face with a primate, who did not appreciate the intrusion. The story ended well for everyone.

Here are the images of the unusual scene.

The images have toured the United States and given cold sweats to many Internet users. On June 12, a dog ended up in the gorilla enclosure at the San Diego Zoo (California). We do not know how the animal landed in such an unfortunate position, but he quickly understood that it was better not to get too close to the primate. While trying to escape, the unfortunate dog was chased by the owner of the premises. “Course! Course! Course!” worried witnesses shouted at him.

No animals were harmed in this incident. Zoo staff brought the gorilla inside so they could rescue the reckless canine. The dog wearing neither a collar nor a chip, the identity of its owner remained mysterious for a few days. The Humane Society animal protection association collected the pooch, and baptized him Mighty Joe Young, in reference to a film which tells the story of a young woman protecting a gorilla from poachers.

The adventurous dog was sheltered, the time to find his owner.

Humane Society

It was planned to offer the animal for adoption if its owner did not claim it. On Monday, Humane Society told the Huffington Post finding the owner of the dog, who is actually called Meatball. “We are so happy to see him return home,” marveled the association in a press release. Since this incident, the Californian family has improved the security of their garden in order to prevent their dog from taking to their heels again.




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