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US tightens alliances in Asia to defend Taiwan

“The United States wants to embark its Asian allies in the defense of Taiwan”, writes the magazine Nikkei Asia. In a long dossier taking stock of the visit of the American president to East Asia, from May 20 to 24, the English-language weekly analyzes the new strategy implemented by Washington in the region.

The United States, which has five bilateral alliance treaties and numerous partnerships in Asia, as shown in the map above, however, would prefer not to be alone in confronting China if it invades Taiwan, explains the ‘author. Recent American initiatives bear witness to an attempt to come to terms with the points of view of each of the Asian partners, in order to maximize the chances of seeing them contribute to a defense of Taiwan.

A lukewarmness designed to promote adherence

Thus, in the joint declaration of the Quad countries – which includes India, Japan, Australia and the United States – released on May 24 in Tokyo, journalists around the world searched in vain for the words “Russia” and “China”, notes the Japanese magazine. On the other hand, they came across the mention “south china sea”. Prime Ministers have used language well “lukewarm” to discuss the consequences of the war in Ukraine in the Indo-Pacific region, says the author, remarking



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