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USA: He lived with 47 cats in a car

In Minnesota, a recently homeless man lived in his car with 47 cats. The vehicle was parked in a rest area, in the heat. An association for the defense of animals intervened and was able to recover the small felines.

The car was parked at a freeway rest area near Harris, some 80 miles north of Minneapolis. Its owner, who did not want to abandon the cats, had been living there “for some time”, indicates the ABC, without further details. Last week, the temperature exceeded 30 degrees.

The Animal Humane Society was alerted to the situation and intervened. The man accepted the help and all the cats were recovered. Despite the heat and unsanitary conditions, the cats are doing well or have only minor medical issues.

Authorities said the cats, aged 1 to 12, will be sterilized and then offered for adoption.



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