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Val-d’Oise: three dogs rescued by firefighters in two days

It’s not just people. Our four-legged friends also needed the help of Val-d’Oise firefighters this New Year’s Eve weekend. The department’s animal risk specialists thus intervened no less than three times in two days to save dogs.

The first this Saturday in Garges-lès-Gonesse to unblock a Malinois stuck between two very narrow walls. After two and a half hours of intervention, the animal could be pulled out and returned to its very concerned owner without damage. The latter did not fail to celebrate his rescuers.

A dog still missing in Chauvry

It is less certain that the champion of the staff, also rescued this Saturday, but this time in the town of Beauchamp, is also happy to find him. This had probably been thrown into a three-metre deep man-hole and covered by a grate. The intervention required the implementation of a specific device to be able to reach it in complete safety, whether for the animal, but also for the specialists who especially risked a potential bite. He is now fit and well.

This Sunday, an animal risk team supported by staff specializing in volatile environments also swooped into the town of Chauvry in search of a beagle stuck in roadside storm drains. This hound was apparently following an animal on a walk before getting stuck. As of Sunday, he had not yet been found, but the search was to continue. These were also done by its owner.



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