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Victim of the attacks in Brussels, a maintenance worker wins his lawsuit against insurance

AG Insurance is forced to pay compensation for permanent incapacity up to 100%, says La DH.

Back to March 22, 2016. On that day, Semsedinne B., a maintenance worker, escaped unscathed from the attacks in Brussels, almost miraculously. While cleaning the toilets at the airport, he was only a few meters from the explosion of the first bomb. Schaerbeekois witnesses the horror: the majority of the people who were around him did not survive.

The Purifier does not suffer from any physical sequelae. The problem is in the head. The man has not stopped since that dark day to reenact the horror scenes he was able to witness. The work became prohibitive for him and ended up being redundant.

The company Semsedinne worked for had taken out insurance against occupational accidents. The workers, victims of the attacks, are included in this category. The insurance company AG Insurance recognized a permanent incapacity of 30%. After a long legal battle, the French-speaking 5th Chamber finally decided and raised the incapacity rate to 100%.

The insurance company is therefore obliged to pay maximum permanent disability compensation as well as medical, medicinal and hospital expenses. The insurance company could appeal the verdict.

Must. Year. – Illustration photo: BX1



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