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War in Ukraine: to ridicule the Americans, the city of Moscow validates the change of address of the United States embassy

This Wednesday, the Moscow authorities announced the change of address of the American embassy.

“The United States Embassy in Russia has a new official address”, announced this June 22 in a press release the town hall of Moscow. A way of denouncing American support for Kyiv.

The diplomatic representation is now officially located 1 Donetsk People’s Republic Square. From the name of one of the two self-proclaimed separatist republics, with the republic of Luhansk, in eastern Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin recognized their independence last February before launching the invasion of Ukraine.

This new address has been chosen after a vote organized by the Moscow authorities on the internet. 278,684 people expressed themselves in this way, assured the mayor of Moscow in its press release.

At the end of May, the municipality announced its intention to rename the square which is located at the intersection of Bolshoy Devyatinsky Street and Konyushkovskaya Street in honor of the “defenders” and “Heroes of Donbass”.

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In 2018, a similar measure had been taken by the city of Washington in the USA. A portion of the avenue along the Russian Embassy in the US federal capital had been baptized “Boris Nemtsov Plaza”, named after a Russian opponent assassinated in 2015, just next to the Kremlin.



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